Friday, December 30, 2011


Spent a lot of money in 2011? Dreading the credit card bills? Here are 2 quick tips to help you start the New Year out in thrifty flea market style.

1. COUPONS- Super Couponer Jill Cataldo conducted a workshop at Wolff's Flea Market in July 2011 and shared a lot of information and techniques to lower grocery bills. While it may be challenging to cut a $400 grocery bill down to $15, it is feasible to regularly save 25-30% by using coupons and understanding store sale cycles. READ MORE HERE

2. BUY SECONDHAND- My motto? "Why Buy New When You Can Renew?" Living in a flea market world, most every piece of wood furniture in the Wolff home is secondhand.  See examples below.  According to the Money Crashers article, 10 Things You Should Always Buy Secondhand, "Thrift shops, garage sales.... dollar stores (AND OF COURSE FLEA MARKETS!) are great sources of savings, because there are some things that you just never need to buy new, not even in good times." Read the full article HERE

This $20 solid wood dresser was found at the Rosemont market and was perfect for Ben's new apartment. It was already stripped and needed only a little wood glue and 3 coats of clear varnish. Accessories also purchased at the flea market.

Solid Oak Coffee Table

According to Sustainable Living Today's article, Save Mega Bucks Buying Second Hand Items, "What you should also keep in mind when you buy used items is that you are in a big way doing a service to the environment and the world we live in. Buying second hand items is a form of recycling. We all need to be sure to get as much use out of any item as we can before we replace it".  Read full article HERE

 Have more thrifty tips to share? 

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